THUNDERboard Segway Self Balancing Scooter Australia!!

Premium Quality ThunderBoards

Premium Quality Samsung Battery 4.4amp. Cheaper models use 2.2Amp Battery which has less power and can also burn out very easily. We Did not buy inferior product just to save 20$.
High Quality Carbon fiber. Most cheaper models use Recycled low Grade plastic which can break easily.
2 X 350Watts motors rather then 150Watts motor being used in cheaper models. Low quality motor has lower life span as well as can burn when heated as it uses low quality Brass wires which can not handle overuse.
Product is certified for Australian house hold use and comes with 1 year Warranty and Australian charger.
Blue Tooth speakers, Carry Bag, 2 Mode Remote Control Included
Our highly trained engineers can provide all the after sales service and warranty if required. We have all the spare parts needed to make sure that you get the best after sales Support.
THUNDERBOARD is the registered Australian Brand. We are official Whole sellers and retailers of the Product.

Gyroscope Technology

The Heart of Scooter is Technology known as GyroScope. The gyroscope and speed control boards receive the rpms and tilt information from the sensor inside the wheels, and they, in turn, send it to the main logic board.
When you calibrate your board, the gyroscopes are basically “zeroed”, as in, you’re telling the gyroscopes, “this is flat, hence this is when the hoverboard’s tilt is at 0”. The tilt sensors in the wheels tell the gyroscopes how far forward you’re leaning. The gyroscopes relay this information to the logic board.The more you’re leaning forward, the faster the logic board tells the motors to spin, to sort of “catch up” with your center of gravity. It’s this simple (yet very clever) mechanism which allows you to control the cruising speed of the scooter with your weight.

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2 Wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooters in Australia

A self-balancing two-wheeled board, or self-balancing electric scooter also commonly referred to as a hover board, is a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter. In 2014, several such devices appeared in China, and by 2015, they became widely popular, following numerous celebrity appearances with the device. Some people call it “self balancing board,” others, “smart balance wheel,” others still call it “a mini segway without handles” or “segway board” and, to the vast majority of people it is known as a “2 wheel hoverboard“.

Product Review:

For those who wish to fly and love speed we have an excellent device, 2 wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooter. This device is available in different nice designs and bright colours such as Black, Red, Blue, White. It’s really easy to use. It has powerful electric motors and great battery life. The price is very affordable. There are different models to choose from. Order yours now and add excitement to your life.
Our Product:

A 2 Wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooter features the following main components:

  • A steel frame with a central pivot
  • A logic board
  • Two gyroscopes
  • Two infrared sensors
  • Two electric motors (located inside the wheels)
  • Two tilt/speed sensors (located inside the wheels)
  • Charging port
  • Power switch
  • A battery pack
  • LED lights
  • Pressure pads

How to Ride 2 Wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooters?

These self-balancing boards use very clever sensors to detect when the rider leans in a certain direction, and, in turn, the electric motors spin the wheels to move in that direction. Basically, all you do is shift your weight in the desired direction and you will move towards it. Riding one is pretty eerie, as the board seems to “know” where you want to go. It’s almost like it’s reading your mind.

Getting On the 2 Wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooters?

So, first things first, make sure your board is fully charged up. Turn it on and place it in front of you, right in front of your toes. If your board features a beginner mode, enable it now.

Do you ride 2 Wheel Segway Self-Balancing Scooters with the Lights in the front or back?

Some say that the LED lights are supposed to be a sort of “turn signals” for the people behind you, so they should go in the back. Truth is, there is no forwards and backwards, you can ride however you please.